Welcome to the LEI - "Lokale Erasmus Initiative Rostock"

Information, counseling and support for international students at the University of Rostock


With this website we want to introduce our organization to international and German students at the University of Rostock as well as to the general public. This website is meant to become both a platform of communication for students already being in Rostock and an information source for prospective students from all over the world.

On the following pages we try to give help and information about studying as a foreigner at the University of Rostock. We introduce ourselves, describe our work in Rostock, give examples for organized year-round activities or other helpful hints for study and life in Rostock. You can also find the latest news and information about current events at the University of Rostock or for your spare time in Rostock and around !!!

Explicitly, we advise you to also check the website of the International Office that also offers a lot of helpful information.

Your LEI