You decided to stay in Rostock for one semester or two? Great! Here are some information about how to find a suitable place to stay!

As soon as you get your letter of acceptance from the University of Rostock we highly recommend you to apply for one of the student dormitories! Why? In general, the dormitories are furnished, cheap and have a good location. You also have the chance to meet other students and you easier. However, the principal works as a first come, first serve which means the earlier you apply the better the chances are to get a spot. 

On the map you can see all student dormitories in and around Rostock. We recommend you to choose the ones in the districts of "Rostock Südstad", "Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt" or "Stadtmitte" since they have the best location and are close to most of the faculties. The rooms come usually furnished and you have to live together with one, two or three other people, depending on the apartment. You will always have your own room, so no worries, but you have to share the bathroom and the kitchen with your roomies. For more information about the dorms and how to apply you can find on the Website of the Studentenwerk Rostock.

Since these days we are facing a housing shortage, it's not easy to find an apartment in Rostock for a good price. So even for Germans it can take a while, so once again we recommend you to apply for the dorms. If you weren't lucky to get a room in the dorms or you want to find a place on your own here are some websites to find a room/apartment:

  • WG-gesucht: This is the most used platform for students to find a housing in Germany. You can switch the site to english language, however, some offers might not be available in english. If you don't want to live alone, we recommend you to live in a WG (Wohnungsgemeinschaft, shared housing) as most of the german students do as well. 
  • take a look at some facebook groups like WG&Wohnung Rostock gesucht, WG/Wohnungs- und Zimmerplattform Uni Rostock or WG/Wohnung in Rostock. Here most of the offers will be in German however, since most of the people who are offering the rooms are students they will be able to speak english. So just give it a try and contact them in english!
  • some official websites to find apartments are immonet or Immobilien Scout 24. Here you have to keep in mind that most apartments are provided by an estate agency so you might have to pay an extra fee to the estate agent.

some other tips:

  • In general, if you want to rent a room or apartment in Germany you have to pay a deposit (in German: Kaution) at the beginning. The amount of the deposit depends on the monthly rent you have to pay. At the end of your contract you will get the deposit back, if you return the room/apartment undamaged. 
  • If you decide to live in a WG in Rostock you maybe have to experiment a so called WG-casting. Most students try to find a room at the beginning of each semester, so in general more students are trying to find a room, then rooms beeing offered. Those students who are searching for a new roommate might invite a lot of potential tenant. This means you won't be the only one applying for that room and your potential roommates might ask you a lot of questions about yourself to see if your personalities match together. But don't be scared a "WG-casting" can be a lot of fun as well.


 We wish you good luck on finding a good place to stay! If you have further questions, just contact us!