Here are a few tips to save some money, travel cheap, and other helpful things that might ease your stay in Rostock.

  • Bike

more informations on how to buy or rent a bike you can find here

  • Deutsche Bahn 

Buying tickes to take the train in Germany can be very expensive. However there are some offers to save some money. If you buy a so called "BahnCard" you can save up to 50 % of the regular ticket price. You can find more information here.
If you take the train on weekends you can go anywhere you want in whole Germany for around 40 € and you can take up to 4 other persons with you. More info here
For every district in Germany you can buy "Ländertickets". So for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern you can buy the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ticket. Using this ticket you can go anywhere in the district (and also Hamburg and Stettin) for one day with up to 4 other persons for around 32 €. More info here

  • Mitfahrgelegenheit "sharing a ride"

This is one of the cheapest options if you want to travel alone. You can share a ride by driving in someone else's car. Travelling from Rostock to Hamburg or Rostock to Berlin will cost you around 10 € (100 km cost around 5 €) More info here

  • Bus

Another cheap way to travel through germany is by taking buses. Especially Meinfernbus/Flixbus offers very cheap tickets starting at 5 €. Rostock-Hamburg is around 9 € and Rostock-Berlin around 11 €.

  • Scandlines ferry

For only 5 € you can go to Denmark. Copenhagen back and forth will be around 50 Euro. More info here

  • Mobile phone

The best option for international students is to buy a prepaid sim card so you don't have to sign a contract. All big German providers like Vodavone, T-Mobile or O2 offer cheap options for around 10 - 20 € (depending on how much data or minutes you want). Our tip: O2, they offer some discounts for students.