The 24th of February 2022 marks one of the darkest days in the recent history of Europe and the entire world due to shameful aggression by the Russian military against Ukraine. This act of war constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and goes against core principles of the United Nations charter that are key for a peaceful international community.

The Erasmus Student Network conveys its deepest solidarity with the Ukrainian people and expresses its total condemnation of this unwarranted military aggression that constitutes a breach of peace carried out by the Russian government against Ukraine. We stand together with our Ukrainian friends in these extremely challenging times and call upon European and world leaders and EU institutions to support the Ukrainian people in all ways possible.

How to support Ukrainian people:

1. Matching system ESN Ukraine
ESN Ukraine has created a refugee acceptor matching system. If you can host young people from Ukraine that are escaping, fill out this form:

In case of a match, they will contact you and provide more information.

2. Share helpful information
Deutsche Bahn allows refugees with Ukrainian passport or ID cards to use all long-distance trains from Poland to Germany free of charge.
Flixbus offers free rides for those fleeing Ukraine (any citizenship) from Przemyśl / Rzeszów.

3. Donation
If you wish you can donate money, even the smallest amount counts, e.g. Aktion Deutschland Hilft / Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft (association of various aid organisations)
You can also donate material things such as blankets, food and toys. Inform yourself what is offered in your city.

4. Other ways to engage
If you want to become active, you can join demonstrations for peace. Inform yourselves when the next demonstration in your city is taking place. Your voice counts!
Many NGOs are in need of volunteers to e.g. sort material donations. Inform yourselves via your official city website.